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Call it evolution. Call it revolution. The fact is, the financial advice industry is changing fast. And Wrap Platforms are a part of the past. That’s why you need to get serious about Managed Account platforms. You need to upgrade to Praemium.

Integrated Managed Accounts Platform

The next generation Managed Accounts platform that can support all clients, great and small

With the rapidly changing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s investors and the largest historical global transfer of wealth in motion, a next generation investment solution is required by advice businesses for their clients.

By facilitating various forms of managed accounts on an integrated technology platform with highly engaging investor and adviser tools, advice businesses can be transformed and exceptional wealth management experiences delivered to today’s and tomorrow’s clients.
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Stealth fees
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If there’s one thing clients want from financial advisers today it’s transparency. They want to know how their money is invested. They want to see how their portfolio is performing. And, perhaps most importantly, they want to know what fees they are paying.

As the only fully integrated Managed Accounts platform in Australia, Praemium is the most seamless and transparent platform available. And our fees are very competitive.

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Praemium is now used across the globe by over 500,000 investors and 1,000 financial institutions.

Established in Australia in 2001, Praemium has grown to be a market-leading provider of investment platforms, investment management, portfolio administration and CRM solutions with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey, Dubai, Armenia and Hong Kong.

Since the beginning we have crafted and optimised our Managed Account platform in collaboration with financial professionals, building the ideal functionality you need to provide better service to your clients.

Our clients are recognising that we tick all the boxes with the next generation Praemium integrated Managed Accounts platform including all forms of managed accounts for all forms of retirement and investment savings – Welcome to the upgrade!

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